Saint Laurent Spring Summer 2023 Campaign

Saint Laurent Spring Summer 2023 Campaign

Saint Laurent Spring Summer 2023 campaign ad featuring Awar Odhiang, Camille Chifflot, Chaima Ameziane, Freja Beha Erichsen, Marilou Hanriot (Models), Juergen Teller (Photography), Paul Sinclaire (Wardrobe Stylist).

The latest campaign for Saint Laurent's Spring Summer 2023 collection, photographed and directed by Juergen Teller, immerses us in a world where natural beauty meets refined elegance. In a departure from Teller's typical stark and raw style, the portraits and settings are infused with intimacy, nuance, and play of color and texture. Shot at a mysterious historic estate in the French countryside, where the promise of spring begins to emerge from the remnants of winter, the images capture a captivating dialogue between the collection's rakish elegance and the raw allure of weathered stone, gnarled trees, and a placid river.

The accompanying short film gracefully animates these still images, giving us glimpses of the breathtaking natural and architectural elements of the location. The film is accompanied by a poignant soundtrack by the late musician and composer Ryuchi Sakamoto, whose work often sought to reveal the beauty in nature's subtleties and silences. With its delicate, transcendent mood, the music enhances the organic and serene atmosphere of the visuals, creating an immersive experience that is both timeless and contemporary.

The creative partnership between Anthony Vacarello and Juergen Teller has been a standout force in the fashion world, and this latest campaign is a testament to their exceptional synergy and vision. The result is a campaign that celebrates the interplay of natural and crafted beauty, elevating the Saint Laurent brand to new heights of elegance and sophistication.


Footage for Saint Laurent Spring Summer 2023 Campaign.

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