Self-Portrait Spring Summer 2023 Campaign

Self-Portrait Spring Summer 2023 Campaign

Self-Portrait Spring Summer 2023 campaign with Gigi Hadid (Model), Tyrone Lebon (Photographer), Alex Harrington (Wardrobe Stylist), Nadia Tayeh (Makeup Artist), Akki Shirakawa (Hair Stylist), Han Chong (Creative Director).

Self-Portrait, the fashion brand known for its chic and contemporary designs, has unveiled its Spring Summer 2023 campaign featuring the renowned supermodel Gigi Hadid. Shot by the talented photographer Tyrone Lebon, the campaign captures the essence of the collection with its electrifying color palette and urban energy, set against the backdrop of New York City.

The campaign imagery showcases the collection's vibrant color palette of sherbet pink, sunset orange, lemon-lime, and champagne, which are further accentuated with metallic or crystalline details that catch the sun and amplify the summertime shine. Lebon's lens skillfully captures the interplay of colors and light, creating a visual spectacle that is both captivating and dazzling.

In the campaign, Gigi Hadid, who is appearing in her second campaign for Self-Portrait, exudes an atmosphere of effortless cool and unrestrained elegance as she poses against old-school BMWs. Her confident and relaxed demeanor perfectly complements the vibrant and punchy energy of the collection, elevating the overall aesthetic of the campaign.

The juxtaposition of the feminine silhouettes and vivid colors of the collection against the concrete and glass of New York City's apartment buildings creates a playful clash that adds a unique dimension to the campaign. This collision of urban energy and feminine elegance creates a striking visual contrast that captures the brand's signature aesthetic.

Accompanying the still photographs, the campaign also features a pair of videos that exhibit a sense of naturalism and directness. This approach adds a touch of elevated realism to the campaign, echoing the still heat of the dog days of summer and infusing it with a sense of modernity and freshness.

Self-Portrait's Spring Summer 2023 campaign boldly takes its signature feeling of thoughtful introspection and amplifies it with vibrant colors, urban energy, and the effortless cool of Gigi Hadid. The campaign encapsulates the essence of the collection, offering fashion enthusiasts a glimpse of the brand's unique vision for the upcoming season. With its punchy and vibrant aesthetic, the Self-Portrait campaign sets the stage for an exciting and stylish summer ahead.

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