Shushu/Tong Fall Winter 2023-24 Campaign

Shushu/Tong Fall Winter 2023-24 Campaign

Shushu Tong Fall Winter 2023-2024 campaign with Tanya Churbanova (Model), Marili Andre (Photographer), Liu Xiao (Wardrobe Stylist), Aurore Gibrien (Makeup Artist), Yuji Okuda (Hair Stylist).

In a riveting fusion of unapologetic femininity and rebellious punk aesthetics, Shushu/Tong's Fall Winter 2023-2024 campaign, orchestrated by the visionary creative director Ryan Wong and lensed by the talented Marili Andre, unfolds as a magnetic tapestry of contradictions. With a daring and candid approach, the campaign transcends mere fashion photography, becoming an arresting exploration of the nuances within the brand's design philosophy.

Marili Andre, renowned for her distinctive off-the-cuff style, casts a spell of audacious vulnerability over the collection. The campaign encapsulates a fusion of subtle punk elements juxtaposed against the brand's signature ultra-feminine design codes, forging an aesthetic that is both revolutionary and exquisitely delicate. Model Tanya Churbanova emerges as the embodiment of this juxtaposition, as Andre's high-flash images playfully expose every intricate ruffle and glint of metallic hardware. The camera's harsh glare, almost ethereal in its intensity, erases the boundaries between the observer and the observed, urging us to delve deep into the soul of the collection.

The bold set design, a masterstroke by Wong, casts Churbanova into a captivating play of angles and corners. These geometric confines may well symbolize society's expectations that young women often find themselves navigating – a subtle yet profound commentary on the ever-evolving perceptions of femininity. Amid this geometric dance, the prevalent use of blue, mirroring the chromatic motif of the collection, harmonizes beautifully with the model's entrancing azure eyes. Each image becomes an emblematic representation of the intersection between the external presentation and the internal essence.

Angular lines converge with intimacy, delicacy dances with abrasion, and vulnerability intertwines with defiance, encapsulating the very essence of Shushu/Tong's design ethos. Ryan Wong's discerning direction has not only unveiled the collection's garments but has unveiled the collection's soul – one that thrives on the juxtaposition of contrasting elements, breathing life into garments and rendering them as vehicles of individuality and empowerment.

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