Tory Burch Holiday 2023 Campaign

Tory Burch Holiday 2023 Campaign

Tory Burch Holiday 2023 campaign featuring Vittoria Ceretti, Nora Attal (Models), shot by Oliver Hadlee Pearch (Photographer) at Le Palais Bulles.

The Holiday 2023 collection by Tory Burch epitomizes a season of refined elegance, presenting a myriad of options to radiate sophistication. Distinguished by its focus on clean lines and captivating textures, the collection introduces a unique element with pieces showcasing the photographic artistry of renowned German photographer Walter Schels, celebrated for his compelling animal portraits.

Prominent features in this collection include the signature handbags such as the Fleming, Ella, and Kira, each reimagined with metallic materials and intricate embellishments. A standout within the collection is the Miller kitten heel, now adorned with an all-over pavé embellishment, providing an exquisite choice for holiday celebrations.

The backdrop for the Holiday 2023 campaign is the iconic Le Palais Bulles, the former residence of the late fashion visionary Pierre Cardin, situated in the south of France. Recognized for its retro-futuristic architecture and expressive interiors, this estate serves as an ideal setting to showcase the collection's juxtaposition of clean lines and rich textures.

Photographer Oliver Hadlee Pearch skillfully captures the essence of the season through his lens, with top models Nora Attal and Vittoria Ceretti bringing the collection to life. They embody the beauty and brilliance that Tory Burch seeks to convey in this season's holiday offerings. Styling is masterfully handled by Brian Molloy, with casting direction overseen by Ashley Brokaw. The artistry of hair stylist Cyndia Harvey and makeup artist Lucia Pica adds the finishing touches to enhance the overall allure of the collection.


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