Versace La Vacanza 2023 Campaign

Versace La Vacanza 2023 Campaign

Versace La Vacanza 2023 campaign photos featuring Dua Lipa (Model, Creative Director), with Carlijn Jacobs (Photographer) and Donatella Versace (Creative Director).

Donatella Versace and Dua Lipa converge in a dynamic partnership, emanating the sun-drenched allure that accompanies the season. Under the skilled lens of the talented photographer Carlijn Jacobs, the campaign flawlessly captures Lipa, embodying the very essence of the "La Vacanza" Collection. Remaining true to its name, this extraordinary collection serves as a jubilant tribute to the carefree revelry of summer, all in the distinctive Versace manner.

The women's "La Vacanza" collection exhibits an array of meticulously curated styles, designed specifically for the height of summer. From resplendent eveningwear to voguish denim, beach attire, and accessories, each individual piece is adorned with the renowned Versace Allover motif and captivating seasonal prints. Effortlessly encapsulating the spirit of this sun-drenched season, the collection beckons you to embrace the exuberance and liberation that summer offers. It astutely mirrors Lipa's musical temperament, effortlessly harmonizing with her vibrant, infectious, and empowering aesthetic.

Through the fusion of Versace's visionary craftsmanship and Dua Lipa's invigorating energy, this collaboration infuses the industry with a revitalizing and electrifying essence. The campaign showcases a myriad of vivid hues, animated patterns, and enticing silhouettes, instilling an insatiable desire to make a resolute fashion statement during your summer adventures. What may have initially seemed an unconventional pairing reveals itself as perhaps the most iconic collaboration to date.


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