Aje Resort 2024 Fashion Show

Aje Resort 2024 Fashion Show

Aje Resort 2024 collection fashion show at Australian Fashion Week (May 16, 2023).

Aje, the acclaimed fashion brand co-founded by Edwina Forest and Adrian Norris, treated their loyal local fanbase to a remarkable showcase at the newly designed Sydney Modern Project gallery. The collection on display not only commemorated Aje's 15-year anniversary but also stirred rumors of a potential departure from Sydney and a bold move to New York. With a substantial percentage of their sales already originating from the United States, the exhibition hinted at Aje's aspirations for international expansion. The captivating pieces exhibited today were quintessentially Australian yet held a universal appeal, suggesting a promising future for the brand beyond its homeland.

The gallery buzzed with anticipation as Aje enthusiasts, impeccably dressed in the brand's signature style, took their seats amidst an impressive array of artworks by notable artists like Sol Le Witt, Frank Stella, and Ugo Rondinone. The carefully curated collection resonated with the attendees, leaving an indelible impression and potentially paving the way for a future tour across the United States.

Aje's distinctive fashion aesthetics effortlessly blended elegance and casual comfort. The early looks, featuring singlet tops paired with ruffled skirts or sparkling sequined pants, showcased an "undone elegance," a hallmark of both Aje and many of Sydney's most captivating labels. This fusion of relaxed sophistication spoke volumes about the brand's ability to resonate with diverse audiences.

Throughout the exhibition, patterns emerged through subtle explorations of delicate embroideries, including broderie anglaise/australienne florals and embroidered botanical motifs. A smudged-oil floral print on silk added a touch of whimsy, while vespertine ensembles, such as coral ruffled tops and long skirts, chiffon floral floor-length dresses, and intricate magenta, orange, and lime chiffon constructions, exuded an ethereal charm.

As the show progressed, an earthy palette infused with olive and wood tones came to the fore. A striking sequin-infused display of lime and magenta contrast reinvigorated the audience, once again paired with the memorable opening singlet. This final act before a potential transition to New York left a lasting impression on all those present, bidding a fond farewell to Sydney while setting the stage for Aje's exciting future endeavors.

While Edwina Forest and Adrian Norris remained tight-lipped regarding their purported move to New York in September, the statistics they shared spoke volumes. Aje currently derives 81% of its sales from Australia, with the remaining 80% of international sales occurring in the United States. These figures indicate a ripe opportunity for the brand to venture beyond its Australian roots and establish a stronger presence in the American market.

The showcased collection at the Sydney Modern Project gallery served as a compelling testament to Aje's potential success abroad. Its fusion of Australian flair with universally appealing designs held the promise of resonating with a wider audience Stateside. The time seemed opportune for Aje to embark on a tour, capturing the hearts of fashion enthusiasts far beyond the shores of Sydney.

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