Chet Lo Fall Winter 2024-25 Fashion Show

Chet Lo Fall Winter 2024-25 Fashion Show

Chet Lo Fall Winter 2024-2025 collection fashion show at London Fashion Week FW24 (February 16, 2024).

Chet Lo took inspiration from the ancient wonders of the Terracotta Army for his latest Fall Winter 2024-2025 collection showcased at the recent fashion show. Drawing parallels between the resilience of the terracotta sculptures and personal experiences of facing adversity, Lo's collection encapsulates strength, resilience, and a hint of whimsical allure.

Growing up in the bustling streets of New York City, Lo was captivated by the enigmatic allure of the Terracotta Army, a collection of funerary sculptures dating back two millennia. These ancient artifacts, unearthed in China's Shaanxi province, underwent a transformative journey marked by oxidation, fire, and dehydration, which ultimately bestowed upon them a poetic beauty. For Lo, this process of deterioration symbolized strength and resilience, echoing his own battles with adversity during childhood.

The fashion show commenced with a dramatic ambiance, as darkness enveloped the space, accompanied by the thunderous resonance of traditional Japanese war drums. This sensory spectacle set the stage for Lo's narrative, portraying the reawakening of the terracotta sculptures from their slumber. The opening ensemble, a tweedy crop top and trousers adorned with a crimson snakeskin print, mirrored the crackling surfaces of the imagined terracotta soldiers as they emerged into consciousness. Metallic tears, meticulously applied as makeup, further accentuated the notion of cracking and melting, adding a touch of theatricality to the presentation.

True to his distinctive style, Lo infused his signature durian popcorn top spikes into various garments, lending a unique edge to hoodies, trousers, and skirts. However, it was his foray into more refined pieces that truly captivated the audience. Feather-light metallic knit lace ensembles exuded a mesmerizing shimmer, offering both elegance and practicality reminiscent of beloved Issey Miyake pleated designs.

The collection also featured diaphanous knit gowns adorned with delicate laddering, adding an ethereal touch to the silhouettes. The pièce de résistance was a dazzling gown embellished with hand-sewn metal dragon scales, paying homage to historical Chinese armory. However, a playful surprise awaited as the model strutted past, revealing a cheeky bumster cut at the back of the dress, adding a contemporary twist to the timeless elegance.


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