Christopher John Rogers Resort 2024 Fashion Show

Christopher John Rogers Resort 2024 Fashion Show

Christopher John Rogers Resort 2024 collection fashion show (April 29, 2023).

Christopher John Rogers is a rising star in the fashion industry, known for his use of bold colors, graphic stripes, and polished designs. His Resort 2024 collection was shown at the Brooklyn Navy Yard venue, where he presented his rainbow stripes and grids of colorful polka dots, which have become his signature designs. The show was attended by high-profile figures such as Quinta Brunson, Teyana Taylor, and Ashley Graham, who all wore Rogers' creations.

Although Rogers has become successful in recent years, he expressed a bit of disillusionment with the job of a fashion designer on a call before the show. He explained that he loves the creative process of designing and making clothes, but he feels that only 10 to 15% of what he does is actually making clothes. This season's collection was informed by his desire to go back to the essential feeling of designing and creating.

The show started with a sleeveless top and ball skirt in all-white, which hinted at a new direction. However, Rogers quickly found his way back to his bold and colorful designs, which were joined by similarly bold florals in the vein of Warhol's daisies. The audience was treated to a pair of evening dresses in black-and-white polka dots of varying sizes and overlays, both of which are definitely red carpet-bound. Rogers also experimented with chunky yarns and thick, cozy layers, or fine gauges, while exposing a flash of décolleté or midriff. On the opposite end of the texture spectrum were an elegant fitted button-down and matching long skirt and a pantsuit in a shiny material that Rogers likened to Glad garbage bags.

The collection's standout looks included a group of black designs, including a panniered ball skirt and a draped top with the romance of the opening outfit. Rogers' unique style and attention to detail have earned him a place among New York's young generation of designers. His ability to create strong, identifiable signatures, coupled with his uptown, polished aesthetic, make him a designer to watch in the years to come. However, the Resort 2024 collection shows that he is as committed to the dream of creation as ever. Despite the challenges of the industry, Christopher John Rogers remains a force to be reckoned with in the world of fashion.

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