Cult Gaia Resort 2024 Fashion Show

Cult Gaia Resort 2024 Fashion Show

Cult Gaia Resort 2024 collection fashion show in Los Angeles, California (November 14, 2023).

Jasmin Larian Hekmat, the creative force behind the renowned fashion label Cult Gaia, meticulously orchestrated the unveiling of her Resort 2024 collection in her hometown of Los Angeles. After nearly a year of meticulous planning, the grand reveal showcased her distinct vision, aptly named "Under the Sun," drawing inspiration not from the radiant Californian sun but rather the sophisticated allure of the South of France, particularly the glamour of St. Tropez.

Hekmat, fluent in the language of resort fashion, seamlessly weaves her signature style into each seasonal offering at Cult Gaia, a brand synonymous with warm-weather attire. The choice of The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures as the venue added a touch of sophistication, with guests crossing the sleek Barbra Streisand Bridge into an open-air domed roof setting. A citrus-toned carpet mirrored the sunshine and coastal walls of St. Tropez, while the distant Hollywood Hills bathed in a golden-hour glow.

In her pursuit of novelty on such a grand stage, Hekmat introduced fresh elements, notably carpenter silhouette jeans crafted from substantial denim. Elaborate floral embroidery and beading gracefully juxtaposed against workwear details, providing a nuanced complexity. The collection featured simpler knit short sets suitable for both day and evening wear, corded cage dresses for poolside elegance, and elaborate gowns with poufs and trains for elevated events. Nature's juxtaposition with architecture, a consistent theme in Hekmat's collections, manifested in meticulous artisanal details such as embroidery, glass and pearl beading, and raffia fringe. Demonstrating a commitment to sustainability, raffia dresses and skirts were ingeniously crafted using leftover scraps from previous seasons' bags.

Cult Gaia's trademark playful accessories, a beloved aspect of the brand, were not overlooked in this season's presentation. Oversized straw hats, sculptural costume jewelry, ornate platform shoes, and a diverse array of bags for different times of the day seamlessly complemented the collection. From its humble origins as a flower crown enterprise during the earlier, more respectable days of Coachella, Cult Gaia has evolved significantly under Hekmat's direction, transcending its initial roots. The brand's transformation is undoubtedly for the better, reflecting a maturity and sophistication that resonates throughout its latest showcase.

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