Gucci Cruise 2024 Seoul Fashion Show

Gucci Cruise 2024 Seoul Fashion Show

Gucci Cruise 2024 collection fashion show at Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul (May 16, 2023).


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The Gucci Cruise 2024 collection made a captivating debut at Gyeongbokgung, Seoul's historic royal palace, amidst an atmosphere of grandeur and anticipation. Against the backdrop of a city that has emerged as a major fashion hub, Gucci chose to embrace the vibrant street style and kinetic movement that characterizes Seoul. The show not only showcased the brand's dedication to the Korean market but also paid homage to the city's unique fashion sensibilities.

Gucci's exploration of Seoul's fashion landscape began with model Sora Choi opening the show in a striking black padded coat paired with jeans, complemented by a baguette-shaped bag adorned with crystals. The collection seamlessly blended elements of bourgeois streetwear and sportswear, creating a distinctive aesthetic that resonated with the city's youth. From bouclé bike shorts paired with ladies-who-lunch jackets to pale pink chiffon dresses with tiered ruffles worn over scuba suits, the collection showcased an array of inventive combinations.

Gucci's designers deftly incorporated Seoul's street style elements into the collection. Loose silhouettes, low-waisted pants with a relaxed drape, parachute maxi skirts, and cinching cords reflected the fashion consciousness of Seoul's youth. Rather than relying on overt stereotypes, Gucci paid homage to the city's style by subtly referencing its fashion trends. Neoprene layered turtlenecks, tweed midi skirts embellished with diamanté crystals, and a range of other carefully curated pieces captured the essence of Seoul's streets.

The Gucci Cruise 2024 show in Seoul was a visual spectacle. The runway illuminated the 14th-century stone courtyard, as lights sparkled in synchrony with the beat of wood mallets and drums. The carefully choreographed display showcased the brand's commitment to creating an unforgettable experience for its audience. The show's finale, featuring a simple yet elegant boxy black suit, symbolized the closure of one chapter and the beginning of another—a transition that also signified the changing of the guard with Sabato De Sarno set to take over as Gucci's new creative director.

In a nod to Seoul's rich cultural heritage, Gucci incorporated subtle yet meaningful references throughout the show. Karen Elson's sateen lilac coat, fastened with a red bow reminiscent of traditional jeogori jackets, added an elegant touch. Local artist Ram Han's surrealist illustrations of pink jello and cat's paws further celebrated the artistic talent of Seoul.


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