Hui Fall Winter 2022-23 Fashion Show

Hui Fall Winter 2022-23 Fashion Show

Hui Fall Winter 2022-2023 fashion show at Milano Fashion Week FW22 (February 27, 2022).

<< I've loved Chinese screens since I was 18. I almost fainted with joy when, walking into a shop, I saw a Coromandel for the first time. The screens were the first thing I bought. >> Claude Delay, Chanel Solitaire, 1983 Gallimard, p.12.

The tradition of the screen began in China 3000 years ago. Over time, it has created an authentic empire of designs and symbols that Hui Zhou Zhao, the Chinese lady of fashion, transfers with a contemporary twist to the Hui collection for fall/winter 2022-23. The refined iconography of the screens from the Celestial Empire is translated into prints, jacquard motifs, and precious embroideries appearing on mainstays of Western style such as bomber jackets, trench coats, and relaxed silk pajamas also worn in place of the suit. The basic idea is to reinterpret ancestral customs and traditions in a contemporary way. Therefore, the title “Beyond the screen” pays tribute to Empress Cixi who ruled, hidden behind the yellow silk screens of the throne room, in place of her young son. Then there is the love for Chinese art and craftsmanship (all embroideries are handmade in the Great Country) combined with a respect and a deep knowledge of European style. This time the "East Meets West" concept that is the foundation and basis of the Hui brand begins with the materials. There is a special black double cashmere made in China as well as silk in any "weight" (light, satin, or duchesse) and a special type of vegan fur. Fil coupé, fil- a-fil gold, and liquid velvet fabrics are produced in the West but are of Oriental inspiration. Also important is a special type of denim that is less stiff and more plush than usual for a cropped jacquard jacket and for a spectacular kimono with screen motifs in shades of indigo blue that with red and gold is a chromatic symbol of China. A game of opposites that meet continues triumphantly in the silhouettes of the garments. We start from the Cheongsam (the historic woman's dress also known as Qipao) transformed into blouses and minidresses with the traditional closure of hand-crafted gold filigree jeweled frogs made according to the rules of the Chinese goldsmith culture. Very similar is the ultra-elegant safari jacket in camel and black broadcloth with a straight collarand patch pockets, an extreme synthesis of Western military-style elegance. Beyond Hui's screen is the Silk Road and Chanel, Empress Cixi and Verushka, made in Italy and made in China — style for the world.


Footage for Hui Fall Winter 2022-23 Fashion Show.

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