JW Anderson Resort 2024 Fashion Show

JW Anderson Resort 2024 Fashion Show

JW Anderson Resort 2024 women's collection and Men's Spring Summer 2024 fashion show in Milano, Italy (June 18, 2023).


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JW Anderson, known for his innovative and thought-provoking designs, made a splash at the Resort 2024 women's collection and Men's Spring Summer 2024 fashion show. With a strong personal touch and a penchant for transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary, Anderson presented a collection that drew inspiration from his cultural experiences, particularly rugby, while showcasing his mastery of knitwear. This article explores the key highlights and unique elements of JW Anderson's latest fashion showcase.

While streetwear has become a staple on fashion runways, Anderson took a bold step by incorporating rugby swag into his collection. He surprised the audience by taking his bow wearing Ireland's unreleased shirt by Canterbury, which will be featured in the upcoming Rugby World Cup. This gesture held special significance as Anderson's father, Willie Anderson, was a former captain of Ireland's Rugby Union team. By infusing his personal connection with rugby, Anderson challenged the conventions of sports fashion and introduced a new dimension to the runway.

Anderson's collection exuded a sense of familiarity and intimacy, delving into the experiences of domestic life. The set and backstage were adorned with blown-up blue and white stripes reminiscent of Cornishware, a popular ceramic style in the British Isles. This nostalgic touch served as a symbol of conformity and the psychological impact of everyday objects that become ingrained in our subconscious. By evoking childhood memories and personal associations, Anderson created a fashion narrative that resonated deeply with the audience.

Knitwear took center stage in JW Anderson's collection, constituting approximately 70% of the showcased pieces. Anderson's designs showcased his wit and creativity, featuring knitwear with unique elements. Sweaters and dresses incorporated filled knit panels that twisted and spiraled diagonally, mirroring the homely spiraling baskets that inspired Anderson. The collection also featured tops adorned with balls of yarn, a playful nod to the knitting craze and a clever reminder of Anderson's influence in the knitting world.

Alongside the dominant knitwear pieces, Anderson introduced several unconventional elements into the collection. Clogs, mock croc shirts, and shorts in Miami pastel hues added a touch of whimsy and unexpectedness. Cropped collarless shirts, asymmetric folded-hem dresses in pinstripe patterns, and mid-length leather overcoats with tabard fronts added further depth and versatility to the collection. Anderson's ability to transform ordinary items into extraordinary fashion pieces was exemplified by a cracked worn finish leather trench coat, potentially inspired by a beloved, weathered leather armchair.


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