Max Mara Resort 2024 Fashion Show

Max Mara Resort 2024 Fashion Show

Max Mara Resort 2024 collection fashion show at The Stockholm City Hall, Sweden (June 11, 2023).

Max Mara unveiled its Resort 2024 collection against the stunning backdrop of Stockholm. Ian Griffiths, the creative force behind Max Mara, masterfully crafted a narrative that drew inspiration from Scandinavian folklore, historic figures, and the progressive spirit of the region. With a refined blend of modernity and femininity, the collection showcased the brand's ability to tell compelling stories through fashion.

Max Mara, founded in 1951 by Achille Maramotti, has always sought to empower women through clothing. Griffiths embraced this legacy by delving into a multitude of sources for inspiration. His narrative paid homage to Vikings, highlighting the belief that their pillaging was gender-equitable. He also referenced the "troublesome lesbian" Queen Christina of Sweden, the influential female characters of playwright Ibsen, and the pioneering suffrage activist Selma Lagerlöf, who was the first woman to receive the Nobel Prize in 1909.

Griffiths's skill lies in his ability to weave together diverse sources of inspiration and distill them into cohesive collections. The challenge was to translate intellectual concepts into tangible garments that express modern metropolitan sensibilities. Despite the complexity of the narrative, the clothes in the Max Mara Resort 2024 collection exuded a sense of lightness, sophistication, and youthful appeal.

The collection's visual narrative was largely rendered in Ingmar Bergman-inspired monochrome, emphasizing the clean lines and timeless elegance that Max Mara is known for. Folkloric elements ranged from cozy Fair Isle snowflakes on waffled knit ponchos to pagan paper floral wreaths. Pompom-adorned drawstring cord belts and fringed tassels added playful details to signature cashmere coats and tailored jackets.

Max Mara's Resort 2024 collection embraced a range of styles, from pre-Raphaelite-inspired off-the-shoulder dresses to modern and sleek silhouettes. Shirred midsections, voluminous sleeves, and skirts added a touch of romanticism. Modernity came through slim-fitted vests, pants, silk shirts, and boxers paired with elevated flat boots. Mohair fringed sequin check bombers and sweatshirts added a contemporary twist.

The collection culminated in a floral finale, paying homage to the tradition of collecting seven flowers on Midsummer's Eve to learn the identity of one's true love through dreams. Embroidered and jacquard florals adorned organza shirts, layered suits, midi vest tops, and a series of enchanting full dresses. Notably, the collection moved away from traditional gowns, reflecting Max Mara's willingness to tell new stories and captivate a new generation of women.


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