Sacai Resort 2024 Fashion Show

Sacai Resort 2024 Fashion Show

Sacai Resort 2024 collection fashion show in Paris (June 25, 2023).

Sacai, the avant-garde fashion house led by designer Chitose Abe, unveiled its Resort 2024 collection with a captivating fashion show that left attendees in awe. Known for her innovative approach to design and hybrid creations, Abe once again pushed the boundaries of fashion by seamlessly merging contrasting elements and expressing a "positive punk spirit." With an array of unexpected combinations and meticulous craftsmanship, the collection embodied Abe's unique vision and showcased her talent for creating harmonic contradictions.

The Sacai Resort 2024 collection kicked off with a standout piece: a model confidently striding down the runway wearing a kilt. Inspired by a conversation with Succession actor Brian Cox, who humorously advocated for au naturel attire beneath kilts for proper air circulation, Abe incorporated the traditional Scottish garment into her lineup. The kilt, a symbol of masculinity and heritage, was reimagined with a contemporary twist by merging pinstripe suiting wool and denim. The result was a captivating fusion of contrasting elements, featuring a white collar at the front and a blue collar at the back.

Throughout the collection, Abe continued to challenge conventions by marrying unexpected materials and styles. Her childhood inclination to remix her school uniform within the boundaries of the rules resurfaced during the creative process, resulting in matchy-matchy ensembles that defied expectations. Carhartt cotton duck, typically associated with workwear, was transformed into covert coats for men and double-breasted evening jackets for women. Ombre Fair Isle knits, reminiscent of tufted fleece, were juxtaposed with unconventional fabrics. Stately decorative florals, reminiscent of the Loewe mega-swatches, adorned workwear bleus de travail and silky sheer-paneled rugby shirts. The collection was a testament to Abe's mastery of hybridization, highlighting her ability to create seamless connections between seemingly incompatible elements.

Sacai's Resort 2024 collection radiated a "positive punk spirit" that was evident in every detail. Abe's pursuit of harmonic contradiction aimed to capture the essence of punk—a movement known for its rebelliousness and nonconformity. The collection celebrated individuality and the power of self-expression, with pieces like T-shirts emblazoned with the slogan "Know Future." Through these designs, Sacai encouraged wearers to embrace their own unique identities and foster a sense of empowerment.

As the fashion show came to a close, the Lil' Louis sample on Michel Gaubert's energizing soundtrack echoed a fitting sentiment: "They used to laugh at me, but I saw the future." Sacai's Resort 2024 collection provided a glimpse into that future, showcasing Abe's visionary approach to fashion. By defying norms, blending contrasting elements, and embracing a positive punk spirit, Abe continues to shape the fashion landscape, inspiring and challenging the industry's status quo.

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