Saint Laurent Fall Winter 2023-24 Fashion Show

Saint Laurent Fall Winter 2023-24 Fashion Show

Saint Laurent Fall Winter 2023-2024 collection fashion show at Paris Fashion Week FW23 (February 28, 2023).


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Saint Laurent's elegance takes center stage at Paris Fashion Week FW23. Designer Anthony Vaccarello delivered a stunning display of sophistication and expert tailoring.

From the moment the models stepped onto the runway, it was clear that Vaccarello had poured his heart and soul into creating a collection that epitomized the idea of elegance. With a nod to the classic YSL tailleur jupe, Vaccarello presented a modern twist on the skirt suit, using menswear fabrics to create a taut, perfectly controlled vision of tailoring.

The big exaggerated shoulder jacket was the star of the show, cut into a classic men’s suit jacket, smoking, or velvet blazer. Paired with a lean skirt that finished just above the knee, the silhouette was new for Vaccarello, and he made sure to pay attention to every detail. Tanks were kept simple, with cotton tees and killer patent slingbacks, while weighty gilt bangles and aviator shades added an extra touch of drama.

But it wasn't just the construction of the jackets that was impressive; Vaccarello also worked hard to make the pieces soft and malleable. The jackets were relatively light, and the soft knit pieces voided any notion of stiffness. The smattering of evening wear was equally gorgeous, with a diaphanous black lace and velvet banded camisole stealing the show.

The setting was befitting of the clothes, with an old school raised podium runway, five incredible chandeliers, and two rows of jet black salon chairs, all very YSL. It was an intimate setting that allowed the clothes to shine, and Vaccarello's mastery of the house of Saint Laurent was evident in every piece.

In a time where the focus is shifting towards exceptional design and craftsmanship, Vaccarello has proved that he has his finger on the pulse of the fashion world. His unerring instincts on where the house needs to go next, coupled with his dedication to creating pieces that epitomize elegance, have ensured that Saint Laurent remains at the forefront of the fashion industry. The Saint Laurent Fall Winter 2023-2024 collection was a triumph, and a testament to Vaccarello's talent as a designer.


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