Shushu/Tong Fall Winter 2023-24 Fashion Show

Shushu/Tong Fall Winter 2023-24 Fashion Show

SHUSHU/TONG Fall Winter 2023-2024 fashion show introducing the collection 'Backroom' at Shanghai Fashion Week FW23 (April 4, 2023).

SHUSHU/TONG, the avant-garde fashion brand known for its unique blend of dark femininity and soft features, made a triumphant return to Shanghai Fashion Week to showcase its Fall Winter 2023 collection titled "Backrooms." In an ode to an "alien space entered from the real world by mistake," the brand presented a captivating and eerie collection that pushed the boundaries of traditional uniform design with a dynamic twist.

The "Backrooms" concept was constructed from the designers' fascination with the mysteriousness of seemingly normal spaces. Liushu Lei and Yutong Jiang, the founders of SHUSHU/TONG, drew inspiration from the sense of danger and uniqueness found in a darker side, as well as from cult movies like Les Fruits de La Passion. The result was a collection that conjured a dark visage of the everyday, featuring expert tailoring, double necklines, embellished diamonds, and diverse textures.

One of the standout features of the collection was the masterful merging of colorful pastels, including the brand's signature pink and blue, with black, grey, and neutral tones in perfect juxtaposition. This play with color added depth and dimension to the ensembles, further enhancing the otherworldly aesthetic of the "Backrooms."

In addition to the innovative apparel designs, SHUSHU/TONG also collaborated with Chinese jewelry brand YVMIN to offer body adornments in the form of lip studs. The partnership with YVMIN has been ongoing for a few years, and the designers praised the expertise of the accessories brand in creating unique and bold pieces that complemented the collection perfectly.

When asked about the aestheticism of uniform, SHUSHU/TONG explained that they have always had a desire to experiment with shirting details, gingham fabrics, and girlish tailoring, which they see as part of their brand DNA. They believe that their designs for the modern uniform create a new narrative that allows for self-expression and empowers the wearer with a bold attitude.

Reflecting on the growing popularity of body adornments and facial accessories, SHUSHU/TONG sees it as a positive trend that encourages people to express themselves freely. As for what's next for the brand, the founders express excitement and anticipation for the future, with plans to continue moving onwards and upwards steadily.

In conclusion, SHUSHU/TONG's Fall/Winter 2023 collection "Backrooms" presented at Shanghai Fashion Week was a captivating showcase of the brand's unique and daring design aesthetic. With its expert tailoring, innovative use of color, and collaborative body adornments, SHUSHU/TONG once again pushed the boundaries of fashion, leaving fashion enthusiasts eagerly anticipating what's to come from this avant-garde brand in the future.

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