Yohei Ohno Fall Winter 2024-25 Fashion Show

Yohei Ohno Fall Winter 2024-25 Fashion Show

Yohei Ohno ヨウヘイ オオノ Fall Winter 2024-2025 collection fashion show at Tokyo Fashion Week FW24 (March 13, 2024).


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On March 13, 2024, Yohei Ohno unveiled the 2024-2025 Fall Winter Collection at the Seikado Bunko Art Museum Tokyo in Tokyo.

"What does it mean to be an adult?" Yohei Ohno's Fall/Winter 2024-2025 Collection can be seen as presenting one answer to this question. In the previous Spring/Summer 2024 collection, designer Yohei Ohno sublimated his own childhood into a kind of avant-garde expression. The subdued mood of this season feels distinctly different. However, it's essential to remember that both children and adults coexist within the span of a single lifetime.

The term "adult" is often associated with concepts like growth, maturity, and, by extension, luxury. Yet, even after a decade since the brand's inception, Yohei Ohno still maintains, "Luxury is something 'distant'." He sees the challenge of creating "classics for adults" as inherently silly yet true to the brand's essence. This flat stance seems to paradoxically generate a sense of "refinement."

Noteworthy in the collection is the use of materials that exude an unassuming, nonchalant atmosphere, seamlessly blending with the body. For instance, the first look featuring a stand-up collar striped shirt dress or the serene-colored setups and black dresses. By employing fabrics like flannel wool, among others, many authentic pieces were crafted into gentle, fluid expressions.

Items inspired by the "gestures of nobility" evoke a sense of longing and exhilaration for the "adult world," akin to when a child sees an adult preparing for a party. Constructive and unique proposals were made, such as long coats and night dresses where the fabric at the hem is draped over the wrists, creating an illusion of integration between bag and clothing.

Amidst the many elegant looks, there were also items characteristic of Yohei Ohno that tickled the childlike spirit. Pieces such as vests expressing butterfly knots in three dimensions or dresses with wire-inserted skirts, creating a form that flutters in the wind, were on display. Furthermore, items resembling "arms," such as handbags adorned with oversized gold chains, injected a playful spirit into the collection.

The jewelry sparkling at the ends of earrings and gloves were a result of a triple collaboration with Toshi Hidaka's "HIDAKA" and Shifumi Murata's "ssp." Stones picked up from riverbanks were processed into textures resembling metal and pearls, used like precious jewelry. The coexistence of items of differing value within one piece may seem "odd" at times, but it also emphasizes the absolute value of one's own uniqueness, which cannot be replaced by anything else.


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