Yohji Yamamoto Fall Winter 2024-25 Fashion Show

Yohji Yamamoto Fall Winter 2024-25 Fashion Show

Yohji Yamamoto Fall Winter 2024-2025 collection fashion show at Paris Fashion Week FW24 (March 1, 2024).

Yohji Yamamoto's Fall 2024 runway presentation was a masterclass in sartorial artistry, seamlessly blending elements of Cubism with his signature avant-garde aesthetic. As the models emerged in impeccably tailored black ensembles, the focus shifted to the protruding cubes that adorned classic silhouettes, adding a jagged edge to greatcoats and creating a bustle effect under jackets.

The inspiration behind Yamamoto's collection became evident in the matte print details of the show's invitation, where the outline of a Cubist-style profile stood out starkly against the glossy backdrop. When questioned about his fascination with the art movement backstage, Yamamoto cryptically replied, "I don't know, I was just inspired." Yet, against the backdrop of contemporary geopolitical complexities, parallels could be drawn between the turbulent times of Cubism's inception and today's global challenges.

Throughout the collection, Yamamoto's instinctual approach to design was palpable, with silhouettes morphing and distorting as if dissected into cubic units. Geometric woven fabrics, reminiscent of the works of Cubist artists like Georges Braque, adorned suits, dresses, and outerwear, adding depth and texture to each garment. The meticulous craftsmanship was evident in details like contrasting linings and suspended pattern pieces, revealing Yamamoto's technical mastery.

While the collection exuded an air of surrealism, each piece remained a striking garment in its own right, with statuesque silhouettes and artful constructions. A final group in calming gray tones brought a sense of returning calm and hope, with dark fabric boils receding into trailing accents on soft tailored coats and relaxed-fit suits.


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