Adeam Resort 2024 Lookbook

Adeam Resort 2024 Lookbook

Adeam Resort 2024 collection lookbook (25 outfits).

Adeam, the fashion label helmed by designer Hanako Maeda, is set to unveil its highly anticipated Resort 2024 collection. With over a decade of design experience, Maeda's perspective has evolved, reflecting her own personal growth as well as the changing tastes of Adeam's clientele. This introspective journey has led to a collection that focuses on the essence of the Adeam wardrobe, emphasizing convertibility and timeless elegance.

Maeda acknowledges that her previous collection, inspired by punk aesthetics for fall 2023, was highly themed. While she loved the outcome, she recognized the need to approach her Resort collection differently. Rather than centering on a specific mood, Maeda decided to delve into the fundamental building blocks of the Adeam wardrobe, aiming to refine and pare down her designs.

At the core of Adeam's design philosophy lies the concept of convertibility. The collection showcases versatile pieces that can be transformed to suit various occasions and preferences. Maeda presents a belted cropped jacket that seamlessly transitions into a trench coat, demonstrating the modular nature of the garment. This adaptability allows the wearer to create three distinct looks from a single piece, making it ideal for travel and ensuring a timeless quality that transcends seasons. Another standout example is a knit dress that can be deconstructed into a skirt paired with either a long-sleeve sweater or a sleeveless top.

In this collection, Maeda combines utilitarian design sensibilities with denim and tailoring, infusing workwear-inspired elements into the garments. The incorporation of these details adds a touch of practicality and functionality while remaining true to Adeam's signature whimsical style. The resulting pieces strike a harmonious balance between intriguing design and ease of wear.

An interesting feature in the lineup is the reappearance of peplums. Once popular during the first half of the 2010s, peplums are making a steady comeback, and Maeda confidently embraces their resurgence. She explains that revisiting classic or slightly retro elements can create a flattering silhouette, combining femininity, romance, and modernity. Maturity and hindsight have guided Maeda towards embracing elements that have made individuals feel their best, giving these timeless design elements a fresh and contemporary interpretation.

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