Balenciaga Resort 2024 Lookbook

Balenciaga Resort 2024 Lookbook

Balenciaga Resort 2024 collection lookbook (44 outfits).

Balenciaga's Resort 2024 collection (aka Balenciaga Spring 24) presents a captivating blend of quiet luxury and underground swagger. Filmed against the backdrop of its historic headquarters at 10 Avenue George V, with iconic Parisian landmarks like Place Vendôme and the Arc de Triomphe, this collection exudes a distinctive aesthetic that sets it apart from the conventional notion of resort wear. With a soundtrack featuring reworked Edith Piaf tunes, rain-soaked asphalt sidewalks, and the romantic allure of postcard monuments, Balenciaga's latest offering embodies a silhouette unmistakably crafted by the creative mind of Demna Gvasalia.

Amidst the black-clad figures spilling out of Balenciaga's imposing wooden doors and later striking poses on scenic balconies, Demna's signature style takes center stage. Balenciaga's identifiable silhouette emerges—voluptuous, dramatic, and steeped in underground energy. The collection's predominantly black color palette challenges the traditional resort or spring aesthetic. Long and padded trenches, billowing overcoats, and substantial puffers with stand-away collars suggest practicality for a rainy and blustery season, while tartan linings and colorful mesh bags adorned with crystal embroideries provide uplifting bursts of cheer. The final look, a gown adorned with silvery fringe, emanates the allure fit for Beyoncé's "Renaissance" world tour.

Balenciaga deliberately chose a gray, windy day to capture the essence of its frenetic five-minute film. Models dash to and fro, engrossed in phone conversations, hailing moto-taxis, and engaging in fleeting moments of personal care, such as applying lip balm, sipping commuter coffee, or retrieving a coin. The film's continuous take adds to its captivating energy, hinting that the downpour in the latter half may have been orchestrated rather than a mere product of nature.

Within this collection, Demna showcases his mastery of quiet luxury, infused with goth-tinged edginess. While the streetwear quotient and overt branding are dialed down, his distinct stylistic choices remain intact. Oversized, raw-edged blazers, flowing dresses in knife-pleated jersey, face-obscuring hoodies, and mask-like sunglasses continue to be hallmarks of Demna's aesthetic. Demonstrative footwear takes center stage, with dress shoes featuring jutting, curled toe boxes, and pant-boots adorned with motocross padding, creating a sense of industrial-strength cool.

If one were to encounter any of these Balenciaga characters charging down the street, their imposing presence would likely inspire one to step aside and marvel at their industrial-strength cool. The collection epitomizes Demna's unmistakable design hand and consistent appetite for oversized silhouettes, unconventional tailoring, and striking accessories. It is a celebration of the intersection between quiet luxury and underground subcultures, leaving onlookers longing for a taste of their captivating coolness.

The Balenciaga Resort 2024 collection lookbook captures the essence of underground cool and quiet luxury. Against the backdrop of Parisian landmarks, Demna Gvasalia's creative vision shines through with a silhouette that is dramatic, voluminous, and steeped in edgy energy. Balenciaga's daring blend of practical outerwear, intricate details, and distinctive styling choices creates a collection that stands out from traditional resort wear, inviting fashion enthusiasts to embrace a new realm of captivating coolness.


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