Blumarine Resort 2024 Lookbook

Blumarine Resort 2024 Lookbook

Blumarine Resort 2024 collection lookbook (41 outfits).

As summer approaches, the Blumarine girl emerges from the fall show, shedding her armored chrysalis and embracing a new persona. The Blumarine Resort 2024 collection lookbook showcases a stunning array of shining colors, exuding a sense of confidence and self-assurance. With an elevated and sensual aesthetic, Nicola Brognano, the designer behind Blumarine, introduces a different energy, a joyous celebration of life, and a departure from the label's recent seasons. Let's explore the key elements and highlights from this captivating collection.

In a departure from the edgy and gritty looks of previous seasons, Brognano delves into the Blumarine archives and unearths a calmer color palette for the Resort 2024 collection. Nudes, pale pink, light blue, and white form the foundation, which is then amplified into brighter vibrations. The designer aims to evoke emotions and sensations rather than adhere to specific concepts, creating a refreshing summer feel throughout the collection.

The Resort 2024 collection features ultrashort, body-skimming, and slinky silhouettes that epitomize the Blumarine aesthetic. Crafted from viscose jersey, the garments offer a smooth, liquid surface that is malleable enough for wrapping, draping, and sash-knotting. The barely-there minidresses are complemented by stretchy leggings that elongate the figure into a lean monochrome silhouette, covering the needle heels of strappy sandals.

Drawing inspiration from Blumarine's lingerie archives, Brognano reimagines the brand's flirty and seductive attitude in an overtly provocative manner. A standout piece in the Resort 2024 collection is the tight-fitting bustier and leggings combo, crafted from stretch jersey with lace inserts. This ensemble offers a fresh and contemporary take on a classic suit proposition, embodying the collection's sensual energy. Another notable look includes a black tailored blazer and miniskirt adorned with buckled garters dangling at the hem, exuding a captivating yet edgy charm.

Blumarine's signature emblem, the rose, receives the distinctive Brognano treatment in the Resort 2024 collection. Rather than presenting a manicured garden aesthetic, the roses are portrayed as more thorny bushes. Laser-cut and appliquéd on a white minidress or printed on a hot-pink mesh tube dress, the roses add a touch of allure and whimsy to the collection, contrasting with the vibrant color palette.

Blumarine's iconic cargos take on a simplified evening version for Resort 2024. The collection features black canvas cargos with satin intarsia, signaling a subtle shift in the approach to the Y2K aesthetic that initially put Brognano's Blumarine on the fashion map. While the bare-midriff look that emerged during that era has become ubiquitous, the designer dismisses it as passé, embracing a more evolved and refined style for the contemporary Blumarine girl.

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