Bottega Veneta Resort 2024 Lookbook

Bottega Veneta Resort 2024 Lookbook

Bottega Veneta Resort 2024 collection lookbook (69 outfits).


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Bottega Veneta's Resort 2024 collection diverges from the prevailing fashion discourse, prioritizing individuality and personal style as articulated by the brand's creative director, Matthieu Blazy. In an era when "real clothing" is the prevailing topic of conversation, Blazy's distinctive emphasis on the unique nature of personal style and the narratives embedded in clothing is indeed a refreshing departure from the norm.

The genesis of this collection can be traced back to Blazy's visit to his childhood home, where he encountered his family's clothing artifacts. Among these discoveries, a notable impression was made by a crab-print dress from his sister's wardrobe, as well as the intriguing nuances found in his own vintage garments, including remarkable labels and unorthodox proportions. These nostalgic elements have been ingeniously reinterpreted in this collection, infusing a sense of novelty into cherished recollections.

One notable piece from the collection is the meticulously hand-knit crab-print sweater and matching skirt, which elegantly blend turquoise and coral hues. This transformation of a childhood memory into a fashion statement strikes a harmonious balance between nostalgia and innovation. The ivory sweater, adorned with a serpentine snake winding around the torso and a vivid red forked tongue, serves as another exemplar of Blazy's aptitude for transmuting the everyday into the extraordinary. The oversized label affixed to a tailored vest is poised to evoke reminiscences of youth for onlookers, thus adding a deeply personal dimension to the collection.

Matthieu Blazy has consistently exhibited a flair for elevating commonplace items into the realm of high fashion, a pattern evident in previous runway showcases. This practice continues in this collection, where a dress inspired by marionettes adds a touch of playfulness and whimsy.

Furthermore, the Commedia dell'Arte serves as a prominent reference this season, with Blazy drawing parallels between the harlequin costumes worn by the troupe's performers and Bottega Veneta's iconic intrecciato motif. A leather coat featuring a color palette of mint, burgundy, and white, alongside a striking yellow and black woven button-down and matching trousers, underscore the brand's unwavering commitment to exceptional craftsmanship and a willingness to embrace elements of fun and experimentation. A spacious intrecciato tote characterized by an irregular weave, evoking associations with television static or fragmented pixels, exemplifies Bottega Veneta's resolve to create statement pieces that transcend the mere concept of an "it-bag."

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