Burberry Resort 2024 Lookbook

Burberry Resort 2024 Lookbook

Burberry Resort 2024 collection lookbook (58 outfits).


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Burberry, under the creative direction of Daniel Lee, presents its Resort 2024 collection, combining the brand's rich heritage with a fresh and innovative approach. Lee, known for his ability to infuse creativity into every aspect of a collection, has successfully integrated Burberry's iconic codes and symbols into a range of captivating designs. This article explores the key elements and highlights of the Burberry Resort 2024 lookbook, showcasing Lee's distinctive talent for incorporating "signifiers" that breathe new life into the brand.

Daniel Lee, a Central Saint Martins graduate, brings a youthful and dynamic interpretation of Britishness to Burberry. Drawing from his experiences at luxury European houses such as Bottega Veneta, Celine, and Balenciaga, Lee combines his design expertise with a deep understanding of British culture. His approach strikes a balance between playfulness and meticulous attention to detail, resulting in a collection that is both whimsical and well-considered.

Lee's creativity is exemplified by his transformation of Burberry's classic Prince of Wales check. In a striking departure from tradition, he introduces a digital-age twist, creating a pattern that warps downwards into contemporary waves. This reinvention extends beyond garments to include matching tights, seamlessly blending the old with the new. Lee's imaginative touch is further evident in the footwear selection, featuring frilly lurex sandals, blanket-fringed pointy heels, plaid-printed wellies, and chunky loafers adorned with punk-inspired barbed-wire hardware.

Burberry's association with outerwear and the great outdoors is a cornerstone of the brand. Lee embraces this heritage by infusing the Resort 2024 collection with an "outdoor and outerwear" feel. Quilted jackets, raincoats, and windswept moor-inspired designs take center stage, paying homage to Burberry's timeless appeal. Lee's skill lies in seamlessly integrating these elements into his vision while injecting his own unique twist.

Lee is establishing Burberry as an accessory magnet, utilizing his "signifiers" to create distinctive pieces. The Prorsum knight, an iconic symbol of Burberry, undergoes a transformation as it is subtly incorporated into hardware and jewelry. Bag buckles resemble a cross between a carabiner and a horse's head, while earrings take the shape of spears and helmets. A standout piece is a leather tote in the form of a shield, epitomizing Lee's ability to infuse medieval armor motifs into modern accessories. The inclusion of small metal bells on some bags serves as a playful nod to London's Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, referencing the brand's British roots.

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