Cividini Resort 2024 Lookbook

Cividini Resort 2024 Lookbook

Cividini Resort 2024 collection lookbook (40 outfits).

Cividini, renowned for its clean designs, meticulous craftsmanship, and premium fabrics, has always been guided by the principles of understated elegance and timeless aesthetics. In line with the prevailing fashion trends, the upcoming Pre-Spring 2024 collection embraces a minimalist approach while further refining Cividini's signature style. This season, Cividini pays special attention to sustainability, a value the brand has embraced since its inception, by focusing on quality and enduring design. Let's explore the key elements of the Cividini Resort 2024 collection lookbook.

As customary, the Pre-Collection showcases an extensive range of knitwear, complemented by solid fabric pieces crafted from stretch cotton poplin and printed cotton fabrics. The sweaters vary in style, featuring both oversized and form-fitting silhouettes, created using delicate fabrics such as cotton gauze and cotton crepe. Irregular ribbing and off-gauge textures add a modern touch, with hand-painted motifs and multicolored airbrushing creating a cascade of variously sized polka dots. Some designs also incorporate roller-painted color effects. Particularly noteworthy are the cotton gauze pieces with a "brinatura" effect achieved through the application of a thin metallic layer, adorned with stylized floral motifs.

When it comes to heavier knits and cardigans, Cividini employs cotton cords and flat cotton ribbons, often incorporating openwork stitches and different yarns in the weaving process. This season continues the tradition of using "leftover" yarns and colors, resulting in handmade knits that are notably lighter thanks to the use of open stitches and net effects achieved through off-gauge techniques. The tubular knit fabric made from cotton gauze allows for the creation of stylized floral designs, lending a light and ethereal appearance to skirts and dresses while maintaining the necessary structural integrity.

For jackets and overcoats, Cividini turns to scuba weaves to achieve garments with a distinctive and ever-changing aesthetic. The perennial "half and half" concept remains a prominent feature, with polyester taffeta exteriors and cotton gauze interiors, showcasing a sporty-chic design approach. This concept is also extended to dresses, combining a skirt crafted from printed cotton canvas with stylized floral motifs and a bodice made from tubular-knit fabric in the same pattern.

Ideal for spring, the collection introduces the cashmere silk high gauge series, characterized by airbrushed color gradients in various hues. This luxurious blend of cashmere and silk adds a touch of elegance and lightness to the garments, further enhancing the seasonal aesthetic.

Several pieces in the collection are crafted from a viscose/steel blend yarn, featuring airbrushed hand-painted designs with roller touches or oversized irregular polka dots. The carefully selected yarns for the collection include cashmere silk high gauge, cotton gauze, cotton cord, flat cotton ribbon, cotton crepe, and cotton voile. The collection incorporates fabrics such as printed cotton canvas with stylized floral motifs, oblique concentric polka dot patterns, stretch cotton poplin, and polyester taffeta. The color palette for the Resort 2024 collection comprises ivory, optical white, graphite, cinnamon, poppy red, lime, and sky blue, reflecting a blend of neutral tones and vibrant hues. The collection's accessories, including bucket and shopping bags, belts, and shoes, seamlessly integrate the decorative theme of polka dots. These motifs are presented through intarsia knits, hand-painted designs, and laser-cut embellishments, harmoniously complementing the overall aesthetic of the collection.

The Cividini Resort 2024 collection lookbook exemplifies the brand's commitment to clean design, impeccable craftsmanship, and the use of premium fabrics. With a focus on sustainability and enduring style, Cividini presents a range of garments featuring artistic motifs, innovative fabric combinations, and a harmonious color palette. This collection effortlessly captures the essence of contemporary fashion while staying true to the brand's heritage.

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