Courregés Resort 2024 Lookbook

Courregés Resort 2024 Lookbook

Courregés Resort 2024 collection and Men's Spring Summer 2024 collection lookbook (31 outfits).

Under the creative direction of Nicolas di Felice, the brand embraces the intrinsic oddness that characterized André Courrèges's work, resulting in a collection that is both visually striking and subtly perverse. This article explores the inspirations behind the collection, the reimagined archival styles, and the nuances that set di Felice's Courrèges apart in today's fashion landscape.

One of the intriguing aspects of André Courrèges's legacy is his penchant for slight perversity, an element often overlooked by others. Nicolas di Felice, however, fully embraces this characteristic. As an example, this season's standout piece is a heeled sandal that di Felice derived from an unwearable archival sandal made from a single sheet of metal. By reinterpreting this unconventional object, di Felice underscores Courrèges's ability to challenge norms and provoke thought through design.

For the Spring Summer 2024 collection, di Felice found inspiration in Michelangelo Antonioni's 1970 film, Zabriskie Point. The film's portrayal of freewheeling characters fighting for their cause and ultimately seeking refuge in the vast deserts of the western U.S. resonated with di Felice's vision. The merging of the film's landscapes with Courrèges's archival styles evokes a sense of an "endless summer," a concept that permeates the collection.

Di Felice's interpretation of archival styles unfolds as a narrative throughout the collection. Beginning with structured tailoring featuring impactful one-shoulder silhouettes and askew vested one-pieces, the story progresses as these pieces unravel and transform. Pinstripes, a continuation from the previous season, are twisted and shirred, while a previously covered-up jacket is daringly slashed to expose a nipple—an audacious statement of perversity. Di Felice showcases his characters adapting to their desert environment, making the most of what they have.

The collection takes a playful turn with unexpected details. Varsity logo tees feature a black rib sleeve finish that breaks off into a leather strap on one side—a nod to the provocative aesthetic of artist Robert Mapplethorpe. Di Felice's boot-cut jeans adopt a wider and flared silhouette, adding a touch of rebellion to the collection. Dresses and skirts creatively draped from circles emulate the iconic Courrèges logo, while the closing look—a men's singlet in a sheer rainbow-like print—creates an ethereal aura reminiscent of a golden hour rainbow bathing the model's torso.

Di Felice's Courrèges collection stands out amidst a sea of brand reinvigorations by cultivating its own counterculture. By emphasizing uninhibited fun and sensuality, the designer invites individuals to pursue their own pleasures in a self-serious atmosphere. With an emphasis on desire, di Felice encapsulates Courrèges's spirit, urging wearers to embrace their passions and unapologetically go after what they want.

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