David Koma Resort 2024 Lookbook

David Koma Resort 2024 Lookbook

David Koma Resort 2024 collection lookbook (50 outfits).

David Koma takes us on a journey into the captivating world of Greek mythology with his latest resort collection for 2024. Inspired by his summer escapade to Greece and the allure of ancient artifacts, Koma pays homage to the goddess of love, Aphrodite. This collection showcases a delicate balance between strength and softness, as well as an exploration of symbolism, aquatic motifs, and intriguing juxtapositions.

Aphrodite, the goddess of love, is not only associated with affection and desire but also intertwined with the symbolism of fish. David Koma artfully incorporates this motif throughout the collection. Imaginative interpretations of angelfish structures appear as black crystal embroidery and plexiglass accents adorning the bust and hips of dresses, creating a unique and enchanting visual impact. The graceful form of the koi fish takes center stage on a seductive cut-out midi dress, magnified and beautifully embroidered with crystals.

The influence of water, synonymous with Aphrodite's connection to the ocean and her birth, permeates the collection. Transparent, liquid-like sequin fabric in refreshing aqua and pink tones evokes a sense of fluidity and movement. This fabric is skillfully crafted into slips, crop tops, and maxi skirts with extended trains, capturing the essence of the sea. David Koma showcases his artistry by incorporating vibrant neon prints depicting tropical fish on black silk mesh numbers, infusing the garments with an irresistible sense of energy and life.

To accentuate the body's curves and embrace Aphrodite's feminine allure, Koma employs various design techniques. Body-contouring stretch-silk dresses adorned with silk yarn trimmings create an alluring and sophisticated silhouette. The collection also features a mesmerizing backless mint crochet knit gown, embellished with hundreds of sparkling crystals, making a statement of elegance and glamour.

In true Koma fashion, the resort collection experiments with juxtapositions to create intriguing contrasts. Metallic leather shades of pink and aqua redefine the classic biker jacket, infusing it with a contemporary edge. Shearling jackets in the same hues add texture and depth to the ensembles, creating a captivating interplay of materials. Sharp and tailored wool jackets and pants in black provide a striking contrast to the fluidity and femininity of the eveningwear, exemplifying Koma's vision of harmonious balance.

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