Elie Saab Resort 2024 Lookbook

Elie Saab Resort 2024 Lookbook

Elie Saab Resort 2024 collection lookbook (69 outfits).

"The Swan", The Resort 2024 collection is inspired by Agnelli's timeless elegance and aristocratic poise. Saab creates a collection that exudes sophistication and class. With a focus on Italian charm and Mediterranean influences, the collection showcases a range of urban, playful, and romantic pieces. Emphasizing both daywear and evening attire, Saab's designs cater to women who embrace travel and seek to express themselves through fashion.

Saab's resort collection embarks on a journey through three chapters, beginning with an urban and structured mood. The designer's tailoring skills shine in peplum tops, jackets, and trench coats, all exquisitely crafted in "moonshadow" white crepe, sharp black tones, and vibrant cherry red tweed. A white cotton shirt-kaftan featuring guipure, a signature detail of the brand, adds a crisp and summery touch to the collection.

Transitioning to a more amusing chapter, Saab presents playful and eye-catching ensembles. Silk kaftans in pink-to-mauve ombré, adorned with jeweled brooch closures, capture attention with their elegance. Meanwhile, plunging ecru knit dresses with gold-edged pleating offer a versatile option for various body types. The designer's inclination towards daywear becomes apparent, showcasing his versatility in creating looks suitable for any occasion.

However, it is in the realm of nighttime glamour that Elie Saab's heart truly resides. The resort collection boasts an array of captivating pieces designed to steal the spotlight. Party rompers, beaded strapless midi dresses, and gold lamé halter tops exemplify the festive spirit. Curve-hugging black jersey dresses accentuated with gold chains add a touch of allure, while ethereal gala gowns in sage green, aquamarine, and magenta float gracefully. The designer's restrained use of embroideries, such as pale pink flowers and green stems on a bustier gown or a gold flower placement on a midnight blue overcoat, enhances the overall elegance and sophistication.

While Saab's collection dazzles with its intricate designs, it is the simplest looks that stand out the most. Whether it's the clean lines of a tailored ensemble or the understated beauty of a classic gown, the designer proves that simplicity can be just as powerful as elaborate embellishments. These timeless pieces capture the essence of the Elie Saab brand and resonate with women seeking refined, yet impactful, fashion choices.

As the resort collection embraces a fresh perspective, Elie Saab opens new avenues for fashion enthusiasts worldwide. With the inauguration of an Elie Saab outpost in Monte Carlo, customers will have the opportunity to experience the brand's allure firsthand. The forthcoming boutique in Sao Paolo further signifies the brand's expansion into new territories, inviting more individuals to embrace the distinctive codes and elegance of Elie Saab.


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