Emilia Wickstead Pre-Fall 2023 Lookbook

Emilia Wickstead Pre-Fall 2023 Lookbook

Emilia Wickstead Pre-Fall 2023 collection lookbook.

Emilia Wickstead, renowned for her balance of elegance and wearability, has embarked on an exciting new chapter in her fashion journey. With her keen eye for world-building, the designer has expanded beyond her signature formalwear to venture into various realms, including sleepwear, shoes, and homewares. As her success story continues to unfold, Wickstead's latest Pre-Fall 2023 collection demonstrates her aptitude for creating resort-ready ensembles that blend historical inspiration with beachy spirit. Let's delve into the highlights of her newest offering.

Embracing the essence of high summer, Emilia Wickstead's Pre-Fall collection for 2023 captures the allure of vacation style. The assortment features her popular bralette and trouser sets, along with unexpected separates such as slinky polos and turtlenecks paired with floral bikini bottoms. Against the backdrop of Puglia's picturesque beaches, models exude a déshabillé charm, donning crisp white cotton dresses reminiscent of modern Venuses emerging from seashells. The fabrics employed in the collection pay homage to its beachy spirit, including a clever use of cream bouclé that mimics the visual effect of toweling when draped over the models' shoulders.

Drawing inspiration from historical photography, Wickstead incorporates elements reminiscent of pioneering fashion photographer Louise Dahl-Wolfe and the fresh-faced beauty captured by Peter Lindbergh. By channeling their unique styles of elevated naturalism and freedom, Wickstead infuses her collection with a sense of liberated beauty. The designer's choice to experiment with clashing prints, such as a deliberately disorderly painted checkerboard paired with an abstracted floral pattern, adds a distinctive charm to the pieces. Furthermore, this intentional mix of prints allows Wickstead's loyal clientele to create new and exciting ensembles by incorporating garments from various seasons, fostering a sense of sustainability and longevity.

While this collection marks Wickstead's foray into swimwear at the forefront, it is not her first venture into the realm. The designer's collaboration with Emporio Sirenuse, the boutique associated with the esteemed Positano hotel Le Sirenuse, served as her initial introduction to the swimwear space. As her world-building endeavors grow, Wickstead's bold choices and expanding repertoire showcase her ability to curate a complete lifestyle brand, extending beyond her original niche in formalwear.

Emilia Wickstead's Pre-Fall 2023 collection showcases her evolution as a designer, expanding her offerings to encompass resort-ready attire that seamlessly blends elegance and wearability. Through her world-building approach, Wickstead draws inspiration from historical photography, capturing the essence of elevated naturalism and liberated beauty. With a clever use of fabrics and prints, she encourages her clientele to curate their own unique ensembles across seasons while promoting sustainability. As Wickstead's brand continues to thrive, her diverse projects affirm her position at the helm of her expanding fashion empire.

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