Etro Resort 2024 Lookbook

Etro Resort 2024 Lookbook

Etro Resort 2024 collection lookbook (45 outfits).

Etro, is embarking on a new chapter under the creative direction of Marco De Vincenzo. With a year since his appointment, De Vincenzo aims to strike a delicate balance between Etro's signature romantic, exotic, and decorative elements and his own design principles, which lean towards structured, kinetic, and graphic aesthetics. The Etro Resort 2024 collection lookbook reveals an evolution in style, as traditional bohemian shapes and billowy florals give way to a more streamlined and minimalistic approach.

Recognizing the importance of honoring Etro's heritage, De Vincenzo maintains a focus on archival prints. However, he adds his own twist by toning down their vibrancy, allowing for a subtler interpretation. A prime example is a pair of baggy denims featuring an over-dyed tapestry print. The collection retains a sense of visual boldness, exemplified by multicolor floral patterns on a white cotton trapeze dress, which are given a vibrant, pop-inspired twist through cut-out appliqués, creating a captivating 3D effect. Moreover, the introduction of plain saturated colors and pastels adds a laid-back rhythm to the collection.

While De Vincenzo favors a clearly defined silhouette and his talent as a leather goods designer shines through, he sought to embrace a more relaxed approach for the resort collection. In his words, he "let go a little," finding authenticity in the synthesis between his design approach and Etro's rich heritage. Drawing inspiration from Etro's extensive codes, which offer a sense of protection and familiarity, De Vincenzo acknowledges his duty to explore new directions, infusing the collection with a refreshing perspective.

Aiming to inject youthfulness into everyday staples, De Vincenzo presents a range of slouchy pants, roomy jumpsuits, padded shirts worn as lightweight outerwear, and oxford poplin blouses with generous poet sleeves. These pieces, offered in plain colors, add inventiveness to a casual wardrobe while maintaining practicality. Prints are subtly incorporated through pipings and reversible linings, creating understated impact. Additionally, the collection showcases openwork hand-knitted ensembles in mesmerizing psychedelic gradients, reflecting the designer's affinity for kinetic art.

De Vincenzo redefines the notion of garden party and cocktail dressing, favoring a cool and relaxed aesthetic over traditional glamor. For festive occasions, he envisions a bias-cut long skirt adorned with trellis prints paired with an unfussy T-shirt and boots. However, evening wear calls for a touch more panache, prompting the inclusion of fluid dresses complemented by scarves that wrap around the bodice or drape as asymmetrical foulard capelets. A standout piece in the collection is a high-waisted slip dress featuring a sweeping swirling skirt adorned with eye-catching trellises—a perfect choice for making a captivating

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