Fendi Resort 2024 Lookbook

Fendi Resort 2024 Lookbook

Fendi Resort 2024 collection designed by Stefano Pilati (30 outfits).

Kim Jones, Fendi's artistic director for women's wear, continues to champion the power of collaboration, and for the 2024 resort collection, he has enlisted the creative genius of Marc Jacobs to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Fendi's iconic Baguette bag. This collaboration follows Jones' successful projects with SKIMS and Versace, showcasing his commitment to working with visionary talents in the fashion industry. Moreover, the Friends of Fendi initiative welcomes designer Stefano Pilati into the creative fold for the pre-season.

Kim Jones expressed his admiration for Stefano Pilati, noting, "Stefano is one of the designers I admire the most. I was always in love with his work, and he is somebody I look up to—he has been an inspiration for what I do." This collaboration marks Pilati's return to a major fashion house after 11 years, with his base now in Berlin, where he operates his independent label, Random Identities, known for exploring themes related to gender and queer culture.

Pilati's vision for the Fendi Resort 2024 collection beautifully bridges the past and the present, drawing inspiration from the progressive eras of the 1920s and 1960s. He melds historical references with contemporary gender conversations, pushing boundaries and embracing inclusivity. One remarkable aspect of this collection is Pilati's portrayal of the flapper as a liberated individual, rather than a liberated woman, with the inclusion of a trans woman in the cast, effectively translating his message into practice.

The dropped-waist silhouette synonymous with flapper fashion is masterfully reimagined by Pilati. His use of "basque" waistbands on impeccably tailored trousers, often in matching fabrics or coordinating with blouses, creates the illusion of elongated waists. The collection's opening look, featuring a black coat with a white shirt and skirt, subtly references the exposed boxer trend with a white-tipped waist.

Pilati's redesign of the Fendi "F" logo finds its way onto prints and jacquards throughout the collection. Additionally, the atelier's expertise in hand-sewn craftsmanship is showcased in pieces like a double-face cashmere coat with raw cuffs, revealing a logo lining. In a nod to Fendi's origins as a furrier, Pilati introduces a sporty shearling sweater and an exquisite egg-shaped coat in what he describes as an "animalier" tweed.

The collection's lean silhouettes are juxtaposed with shorter, gentle A-line shapes, a testament to Pilati's meticulous pattern-making skills, with 90% of the patterns crafted by him in Berlin. Notable details include lapels that extend into rectangular strips on skirt suits, emphasizing the designer's commitment to pushing the boundaries of design.

Pilati's gender-inclusive approach extends to the men's collection, featuring heels and camisoles. He also takes charge of accessories, adding subtle yet smart references that pay homage to Fendi's rich history. This collection, with its refined and grown-up aesthetic, serves as a loving tribute to the legacy of couture and the Fendi brand. As an Italian, Pilati's pride in the house is palpable, especially given its history of being led by five women. Fendi Resort 2024 is a testament to the brand's enduring spirit, innovation, and commitment to inclusivity in fashion.

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