Gabriele Colangelo Resort 2024 Lookbook

Gabriele Colangelo Resort 2024 Lookbook

Gabriele Colangelo Resort 2024 collection lookbook (25 outfits).

Gabriele Colangelo's Resort 2024 collection is a masterful exploration of contrasts, blending architectural elements with organic motifs to create a visually striking lineup. Inspired by the floral compositions of American artist Jen Bacon, Colangelo incorporates fading and watercolor-like prints into his designs, resulting in a collection that embodies both softness and structure.

Bacon's floral motifs take center stage in Colangelo's resort collection, although they are not confined to traditional placements. The floral patterns appear as inside-out jacquards on luxurious shirts paired with high-waisted pants and as trimmings on rib-knit sweaters and tank dresses. These delicate prints contribute to the overall soft-edged aesthetic of the collection, balancing the architectural elements that define Colangelo's designs.

Colangelo's affinity for architectural details shines through in his resort collection. Sartorial numbers, such as an elongated blazer resembling a cape with slits running down the sleeves, showcase the designer's attention to structure. Exposed stitching and a leather rope cinching the waist held tight via a metallic sphere add a unique touch to the ensemble. Pristine woolen overcoats featuring a pleated cotton canvas swath at the back further demonstrate Colangelo's ability to merge the architectural and the organic seamlessly.

The dichotomy between architectural and organic influences is a defining characteristic of Gabriele Colangelo's resort collection. This contrast is evident in the impalpable crisp silks that resemble cellophane and are layered over body-con minidresses. Thick striped sundresses combine structured elements with fluidity, creating a captivating juxtaposition. Textured knitwear serves as inserts on fluid frocks and midi skirts, or is crafted into plush and easygoing tank dresses, evoking the summery feel of velvets.

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