Marni Resort 2024 Lookbook

Marni Resort 2024 Lookbook

Marni Resort 2024 collection lookbook.

Marni's distinctive artistic flair finds its origins in the meticulous practices of its design studio, akin to an artisanal workshop where every aspect is crafted by hand. This encompasses the formation of garments referred to as "objects," with their voluminous structures resembling couture-like soft sculptures. The uniqueness of Marni's visual identity is further amplified by the one-of-a-kind graphics, an integral part of their eclectic aesthetic. Francesco Risso, during a showroom appointment, described it as a "continuous, obsessive manual activation," emphasizing that each decorative element and exploration of shapes is meticulously executed by their team. Marni transcends the mere creation of clothing; it's an immersive artistic experience.

Under Risso's direction, Marni has traversed the global stage through a series of collections that oscillate between the vibrant creativity of shows and the more composed rhythm of seasonal presentations. The spring 2024 show in Paris, held in September, reached a zenith in the performative expression of the "exuberance of the hand." In contrast, the recently released resort collection, named Volume One, represents a delicate equilibrium between pragmatic "objects" that infuse Marni's distinctiveness into daily life and more expressive capricious elements. Risso often characterizes this approach as "disciplined chaos."

The collection boasts a diverse array of volumes, shapes, and embellishments. It spans from concise daywear essentials to artistic specimens, where Marni's signature triad of stripes, florals, and checks are playfully juxtaposed and mismatched, infusing imaginative mashups that tweak the lineup's workwear/sporty essence. The range caters to both genders, featuring suits, shells, trench coats, peacoats, and anoraks alongside expansive cocoon and balloon shapes, as well as slimmer tailored or A-line silhouettes.

Risso emphasizes that Marni has always been about the concept of uniforms, where a utilitarian feel is playfully subverted by spirited nonconformity. To reinforce this theme, the collection is unified by the use of various cotton textures, ranging from crisp poplin to sturdy canvas. With a touch of humor and whimsy, along with an underlying sense of obsession, it becomes evident that these elements are essential components driving the Marni creative machine.

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