MSGM Resort 2024 Lookbook

MSGM Resort 2024 Lookbook

MSGM Resort 2024 collection lookbook (42 outfits).

The MSGM Resort 2024 collection lookbook captures the essence of Milan, the birthplace of the renowned brand. Massimo Giorgetti, the creative force behind MSGM, made a conscious decision to stay close to home and showcase the collection amidst the architectural treasures of the city. Collaborating with interior photographer Delfino Sisto Legnani, Giorgetti discovered a charming location in the Palazzo Ina, providing a backdrop that perfectly complemented the brand's aesthetic. This season, MSGM embraces a softer color palette and evolves towards a more refined and feminine style while retaining its signature exuberance and streetwear influences.

Instead of opting for a distant destination, Massimo Giorgetti chose Milan as the setting for MSGM's resort lookbook. Recognizing the beauty of his hometown, Giorgetti felt that Milan's rich architectural heritage was more than enough to create a captivating visual narrative. Collaborating with interior photographer Delfino Sisto Legnani, renowned for his book "Milan Entryways," the team sought to capture the essence of Milanese architecture and its hidden gems. The Palazzo Ina, a modernist building designed by architect Piero Bottoni in the 1950s, became the elegant yet understated location of choice.

In a departure from the brand's typically vibrant color palette, MSGM Resort 2024 introduces a softer and more nuanced approach. Massimo Giorgetti embraces pastel hues inspired by the tiny mosaic tiles that adorn the walls and pillars of the Palazzo Ina. This deliberate choice signifies a shift towards a more elevated and feminine aesthetic. Giorgetti emphasizes that both he and MSGM are growing alongside their customers and followers, embracing a more mature design perspective while preserving the exuberance and streetwear influences that initially put the label on the fashion map twelve years ago.

The MSGM Resort 2024 collection exudes a sense of relaxed tailoring and playful elegance. Giorgetti employs an array of ruffles, bows, and 3D raffia daisies to add texture and whimsy to the pieces. The silhouettes remain graphic and unfussy, reflecting the brand's distinctive style. The MSGM girl embodies a subtle tomboyish spirit, effortlessly alternating between a taffeta A-line minidress adorned with a striking fiocco on the shoulder and masculine-tailored pieces rendered in soft-toned hues. The designer's affinity for captivating patterns shines through, as he incorporates abstract interpretations of animalier motifs such as cows, pythons, and giraffes.

While exploring new design territories, Giorgetti finds himself drawn to his romantic inclinations. The MSGM Resort 2024 collection hints at a surrender to his romantic side, offering a calmer and more introspective ambiance. Inspired by his recent journey to Tanzania, Giorgetti translates the vivid imagery of blazing landscapes and saturated sunsets onto the linings of blazers and field jackets. This infusion of romanticism reflects Giorgetti's underlying creative spirit—a romantic from the underground, one who remains true to his roots while continuously evolving.

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