Ottolinger Resort 2024 Lookbook

Ottolinger Resort 2024 Lookbook

Ottolinger Resort 2024 collection lookbook (28 outfits).

Ottolinger, the avant-garde fashion label helmed by Christa Bösch and Cosima Gadient, has unveiled their Resort 2024 collection lookbook. Embracing a unique blend of gothic aesthetics, pink accents, and a touch of the existential, Ottolinger continues to push creative boundaries while maintaining a commitment to ethical fashion. With innovative materials and adaptable designs, the collection offers a playful and forward-thinking approach to contemporary style.

In the words of Bösch and Gadient, the Resort 2024 collection represents a fusion of different worlds. Drawing inspiration from the prevailing goth and pink trends, Ottolinger infuses their signature twist to create garments that exude a sense of rebellion and individuality. Through their design choices, the duo aims to celebrate the collision of contrasting elements and inject a sense of fun into the fashion landscape.

The Resort 2024 collection features unconventional silhouettes that merge disintegrating knits with hotpants, resulting in a futuristic, avatar-like aesthetic. Collaborating with Puma, Ottolinger introduces Spartacus-on-Mars boots, which have been met with resounding success. Additionally, the collection introduces teetering heels adorned with deconstructed asymmetrical lacing, adding an element of edginess to the overall look.

Beneath the surface of Ottolinger's visually captivating designs lies a commitment to sustainability. The Resort 2024 collection showcases the designers' ongoing exploration of innovative solutions to create garments that align with ethical practices. Ribbed knits are crafted from all-organic materials, while the skull pieces in printed mesh are made using recycled polyester. The collection also incorporates pieced-together denims crafted from partially reused and recycled fibers, exemplifying the brand's dedication to reducing environmental impact.

One notable aspect of the Resort 2024 collection is the emphasis on adaptability. Ottolinger understands the multifaceted nature of personal style, and the collection offers options for various occasions. Skirts, for instance, are designed with adjustable features, allowing wearers to transition effortlessly from a badass look to an office-appropriate ensemble. A loop system on a shiny pouf skirt dress provides further versatility, offering the choice of a long or short style.

Bösch and Gadient acknowledge the challenges of the times we live in, but they firmly believe in maintaining a sense of humor. In the face of global uncertainties, Ottolinger strives to create a collection that uplifts and inspires. The Resort 2024 collection stands as a testament to their belief that fashion can be a source of joy and creativity, even in the most trying circumstances.

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