Rev Resort 2024 Lookbook

Rev Resort 2024 Lookbook

Rev Resort 2024 collection lookbook (19 outfits).

Last year, Laurent and Arik Bitton, the visionary founders of Iro, introduced their latest project, Rev, with a remarkable debut. Rev, a homophone of the French word "rĂªve" meaning dream, embodies the concept of revisiting iconic designs from the '80s and '90s. The Bitton brothers envisioned Rev as an umbrella brand, bringing together various revivals of renowned fashion designers' past works. Building on their initial success, Rev presents its Resort 2024 collection, paying homage to the extravagant spirit of the bygone era.

For their debut collection, the Bittons collaborated with Martine Sitbon, a designer known for her exquisite devore slip dresses and impeccably tailored coats. Drawing inspiration from Sitbon's archive, they crafted a captivating collection that seamlessly blended nostalgia with contemporary aesthetics. Sitbon will return for another main collection, while in the interim, the Bittons have designed the Resort collection, exuding the opulence and decadence reminiscent of the '80s.

To bring their vision to life, Rev enlisted the expertise of renowned stylist Emmanuelle Alt. With her keen eye for fashion and trends, Alt skillfully curated the lookbook, amplifying the collection's allure. Her collaboration with the Bitton brothers adds a layer of sophistication to the presentation, capturing the essence of the '80s and '90s revival.

The Resort 2024 collection from Rev embraces bold silhouettes and exudes a sense of power dressing. Shoulder pads take center stage, reminiscent of the era's iconic looks, while hemlines are kept short and daring. Asymmetry is celebrated, showcasing a distinctive blend of avant-garde and contemporary design elements. The collection pays tribute to the strength and confidence found in fashion during that period.

Rev's Resort collection draws inspiration from legendary designers of the '80s, paying homage to their groundbreaking creations. Vintage garments serve as catalysts for innovative pieces, such as a square-shaped jacket adorned with multiple pockets and snaps. A cropped sequined puffer jacket paired with stirrup pants echoes the proportions seen in the works of Montana and the Decarnin-era Balmain. Attention to detail is evident, as both the leggings and shoes exhibit graceful drapery, adding a touch of softness to the overall bold aesthetic.

While the collection exudes boldness and strength, Rev also embraces a sense of softness and delicacy. The designers emphasize the importance of juxtaposing these elements to create a harmonious balance. The bold silhouettes are counterbalanced with draped leggings and shoes, infusing the collection with a touch of elegance. Additionally, Rev introduces suiting options with stretch fabrics, combining comfort with sophisticated tailoring.

Arik Bitton reflects on the lost spirit of iconic fashion movements since the 2000s. He highlights the authenticity, realness, and true essence of fashion during that era, unaffected by marketing, merchandising, or social media. Rev endeavors to recapture that essence by embracing the relaxed and free-spirited "decontracte" vibe that characterized the '80s and '90s. Rather than replicating the past, Rev renovates it to make it relevant and palatable for the current decade.

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