Saint Laurent Resort 2024 Lookbook

Saint Laurent Resort 2024 Lookbook

Saint Laurent Resort 2024 collection lookbook.

The Saint Laurent Resort 2024 collection emerges as a confirmation to Vaccarello's ability to navigate the spectrum of sartorial expression. With a meticulous blend of opulent tailoring and casual insouciance, this collection unfolds as both a celebration of house codes and a progression from the designer's previous masterpieces.

The Evolution of Tailoring - Vaccarello's signature oversized jackets, reminiscent of the previous fall collection, undergo a transformative journey in the Resort 2024 lineup. The once-bold shoulders are now refined and tailored to embrace the body closely, resembling the silhouette of a shirt. Secured with glinting logo-ed buckles and buttoned up, these jackets redefine sophistication. Paired with towering metal-trimmed slingback stilettos, Vaccarello boldly advocates for the allure of heels in an era dominated by lower footwear norms.

At the heart of the Resort 2024 collection lies a celebration of Saint Laurent's distinctive codes. The lookbook unfolds with a parade of short draped cocktail dresses adorned with playful polka dots or vibrant florals. Rendered with an easy and spirited attitude, these dresses embody the essence of timeless glamour, symbolizing Vaccarello's commitment to novelty without an expiration date.

In a world where flat shoes have become the norm, Vaccarello's bold stance on the importance of heels is evident. The designer asserts that pairing towering stilettos with a short hemline cocktail dress is the key to achieving a contemporary look in 2024. The juxtaposition of elevated footwear against abbreviated hemlines creates a visual symphony that challenges conventional fashion norms.

Introducing two new bag shapes— the structured high gloss Rendez-Vous shoulder bag and the soft and supple Bea—Vaccarello enhances the collection's practicality. These bags, born from the fall 2023 collection and the Resort 2024 debut, echo the streamlined and unadorned aesthetic of the clothes. With capacious designs, these bags prove that functionality can seamlessly coexist with elegance.

One of Vaccarello's distinctive design philosophies is evident in the Resort 2024 collection—the belief that Saint Laurent pieces should extend beyond their originating season. Whether it's a runway statement piece or a reimagined classic, each garment is crafted with the intention of becoming a timeless wardrobe staple.

As the Resort 2024 collection unfolds, it becomes clear that Vaccarello is not just creating fashion; he is building on his own legacy at Saint Laurent. Some standout pieces pay homage to his earlier work for the house and even draw inspiration from his pre-YSL Anthony Vaccarello collections. The sinuous, swimwear-like bodycon dresses evoke a sense of luminous glamour effortlessly blending with the minimalist aesthetic of the '90s.

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