Tod's Resort 2024 Lookbook

Tod's Resort 2024 Lookbook

Tod's Resort 2024 collection lookbook (11 outfits).


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Tod's, has unveiled its highly anticipated Resort 2024 collection, curated by the talented designer Walter Chiapponi. Embracing the philosophy that "what is essential is visible to the eye but not to everyone," Chiapponi has embarked on a quest for simplicity in this collection. By streamlining silhouettes, minimizing decorative details, and eliminating anything superfluous, Chiapponi has redefined Tod's codes with even greater clarity.

In the Resort 2024 collection, Chiapponi showcases relaxed and slender versions of tailoring, departing from the oversized proportions of previous seasons. Collarless blazers and monochrome pantsuits take center stage, reflecting a desire to eliminate anything that is not strictly functional. The fluid palazzo pants that accompany the blazers create an elegant yet comfortable ensemble. Puffy bombers, now cropped at the waist, gracefully transform into pencil skirts, offering a thin and lithe silhouette. One notable piece is the shortened perfecto, adorned with an elasticated chevron pattern that introduces a geometric and textural decoration.

While Tod's is renowned for its high-quality craftsmanship, the Resort 2024 collection exudes a natural and easy feel. Chiapponi effortlessly combines luxurious elements with self-confident simplicity, capturing the essence of the brand. In his words, the collection refrains from being "├╝ber-sleek, cold, or over-designed." Instead, it embraces an emotional and spontaneous aesthetic that resonates with the current zeitgeist. The resulting looks are both refined and accessible, appealing to individuals seeking a touch of elegance without compromising comfort.

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