Givenchy Holiday 2023 Campaign

Givenchy Holiday 2023 Campaign

Givenchy Holiday 2023 campaign featuring Amelia Gray and Kit Butler (Models), shot by Tyler Mitchell (Photographer), Max Pearmain (Wardrobe Stylist), Christelle Cocquet (Makeup Artist), Damien Boissinot (Hair Stylist).

Examining the Givenchy Holiday 2023 Ad Campaign orchestrated by Creative Director Jean-Baptiste Talbourdet-Napoleone and lensed by photographer Tyler Mitchell, the brand anticipates the festive season with a sophisticated nod to a photographic icon.

Tyler Mitchell draws inspiration from Irving Penn's renowned "corner portraits," positioning models Amelia Gray and Kit Butler within the acute angles formed by intersecting walls. This deliberate choice, coupled with meticulous styling, showcases elegant and luminous ensembles subtly tailored for holiday celebrations, infusing the confined space with the vibrant energy of the featured characters.

Unlike conventional holiday campaigns, Givenchy eschews explicit references to the season. Instead, the focus remains on a curated selection of looks designed to make a bold statement at Christmas and New Year’s Eve soirées. This strategic approach aligns seamlessly with Givenchy's ethos of harmonizing elegance and edge, subtly alluding to the festive spirit while staying true to the brand's distinctive identity.

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