Lanvin Holiday 2023 Campaign

Lanvin Holiday 2023 Campaign

Lanvin Holiday 2023 campaign featuring Cas van Uytvanck, Elisa Nijman (Models), Theo de Gueltzl (Photographer).

Lanvin commemorates the festive ambiance of the holiday season with a discerning acknowledgment that every luminosity carries an inherent shade. The photographic embodiment of the Maison's Holiday 2023 campaign, skillfully curated by photographer Theo de Gueltzl, unfolds against a resplendent gold-toned studio setting. Within this backdrop, the deliberate placement of pine branches serves as a poignant nod to the essence of seasonal revelry, rooted in the venerable traditions of nature, mortality, and rebirth.

De Gueltzl's portraits, showcasing subjects adorned with lights or tinsel, ingeniously suggest a parallel with Christmas trees, or perhaps more profoundly, emphasize that the true essence of the season lies in the connections with cherished individuals. The images unveil a rich tapestry of color, departing from the conventional green, red, and white palette associated with holiday campaigns. Instead, the campaign embraces jewel-tone aquas, purples, grays, silver, and gold, offering a distinctive and artistically nuanced interpretation of customary holiday aesthetics.

In the realm of still-life depictions, the campaign seamlessly integrates exquisite handbags with sculptural handles, evoking a sense of precious heirlooms, amidst a tableau featuring a curated dining setting adorned with silverware and champagne glasses. This artful interweaving of accessories into a narrative of warm elegance enhances the campaign's resonance with seasonal traditions.

Lanvin's campaign not only succeeds in carving out a visually distinctive perspective amid the familiar warmth of holiday celebrations but also subtly underscores the historical roots of Christmas in pagan solstice observances. By emphasizing the centrality of light and warmth during the winter's darkness and cold, the campaign gracefully acknowledges the universal experiences that unite us. Balancing festive exuberance with sagacity and poise, Lanvin distinguishes itself in the holiday milieu, offering a campaign that resonates with wisdom and grace.

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