Pucci X Fusalp Ski Capsule 2023 Campaign

Pucci X Fusalp Ski Capsule 2023 Campaign

Pucci X Fusalp Ski Capsule 2023 collection shot by Vito Fernicola (Photographer).

Italian fashion powerhouse PUCCI is once again making waves in the fashion scene by teaming up with Fusalp to redefine classic Olympic gear for the winter season. Renowned for its vivid colors and kaleidoscopic designs, PUCCI is set to captivate winter enthusiasts with a sophomore range that celebrates playful snow sports and embraces the Y2K craze.

The collaboration between PUCCI and Fusalp introduces a fusion of vibrant prints and insulating materials, creating a collection tailored for those who seek both style and functionality on the slopes. The brand duo has meticulously curated a selection of garments that exude a sense of sensuality, drawing inspiration from the bold patterns of the Y2K era.

The "Marmo," "Iride," and "Girandole" versions take center stage in this collection, breathing life into hooded puffer jackets and matching leggings. The result is a head-turning ensemble that seamlessly blends fashion-forward design with the practicality needed for winter sports. PUCCI and Fusalp have transformed classic winter wear into a canvas for self-expression, ensuring that enthusiasts can hit the slopes in style.

As winter winds howl, PUCCI and Fusalp have introduced a range of outerwear styles designed to protect against the brisk chill. Long-haired boots, with a life of their own, serve as the perfect complement to these winter-ready outfits, adding a touch of drama and flair to the overall look. Angular stripping outlines adorn knitted dresses and ornamented half-zips, providing a sophisticated and chic edge to the collection.

The collaboration doesn't stop at clothing; PUCCI and Fusalp have also unveiled a selection of valiant accessories that complete the look for the "it" girls heading to the Alps this Christmas. From statement scarves to eye-catching gloves, the accessories showcase the duo's commitment to delivering a comprehensive and stylish winter wardrobe.

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